Python Module Index

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CalibrationTools Contains functions for generating calibration products applicable at the image level, mostly when operating directly on the photon lists (not the db), including exposure time and relative response. Not really used elsewhere at present but possibly useful as "documentation."
CalUtils Numerous methods for calibrating the raw photon event data. Many of these instantiate or make use of specific detector hardware parameters / constants related to the "static" or detector-space event calibration, including walk, wiggle, linearity, post-CSP, and stim scaling corrections.
curvetools Functions for creation of lightcurves and components thereof.
dbasetools Contains tools for working with data from the database that are used by a number of different modules.
FileUtils Methods for reading data from files or web queries.
galextools This module contains helper and reference functions that are specific to GALEX and used by other modules, but do not directly access the database or generate end products of any kind.
gAperture Module for the creation of GALEX light curves with user-defined time bins and photometric apertures.
gCalrun Performs a batch run of photometric extractions on semi-random sets of known sources for calibration / regression purposes.
gFind Find total amount of available data by position.
gMap Create images and image cubes.
gnomonic This module contains gnomonic projection methods for translating between detector and sky coordinates.
gphoton_args This module contains functions for checking duplicate arguments across gFind, gAperture, gMap, and other gPhoton functions.
gphoton_utils Read, plot, time conversion, and other functionality useful when dealing with gPhoton data.
gPipeline Runs the module that runs the standalone gPhoton calibration pipelines to create aspect-corrected, time-tagged photon events from low-level archived GALEX data products.
gQuery Defines and constructs common queries that are passed to the GALEX databases (esp: photon, aspect, and MCAT) at MAST.
imagetools Tools for the cration of count and intensity images and movies.
MCUtils A library of generic utilities programs that C. Million wants to keep separate in order to re-use across other projects.
PhotonPipe A recreation / port of key functionality of the GALEX mission pipeline to generate calibrated and sky-projected photon-level data from raw spacecraft and detector telemetry. Generates time-tagged photon lists given mission-produced -raw6, -scst, and -asprta data.
regtestutils Functions for end-to-end photometric regression testing with emphasis on comparing gAperture values to MCAT values.