gMap.check_args(args, iam='gmap')
Checks validity of command line arguments and, in some cases
modifies them a little bit.
  • args (argparse.ArgumentParser Namespace) – The command-line arguments.
  • iam (str) – The name of the method being called.

argparse.ArgumentParser Namespace – The updated command-line arguments.

gMap.gmap(band, cntfile=None, coadd=None, detsize=1.1, intfile=None, skypos=None, maxgap=1500.0, memlight=100.0, minexp=1.0, overwrite=False, retries=100, skyrange=None, stepsz=0.0, trange=None, verbose=0, cntcoaddfile=False, intcoaddfile=False)
Use a mix of strings (if we want to make an output file) and Booleans
(False if we do not). I don’t think this is the best way (I’d rather have separate variables for the True/False to create an image, and a string with the name of the output image), but for now this is kept since this is how the code was originally written.
  • band (str) – The band being used, either ‘FUV’ or ‘NUV’.
  • cntfile (str) – Name of the count file to make.
  • coadd (bool) – If true, create a coadd image using all available data within the specified time range (don’t use time bins).
  • detsize (float) – Effective diameter, in degrees, of the field-of-view.
  • intfile (str) – Name of intensity file to make.
  • skypos (list) – The right ascension and declination, in degrees.
  • maxgap (float) – Maximum gap size, in seconds, for data to be considered contiguous.
  • memlight (float) – If specified, breaks the queries into sections of this many seconds.
  • minexp (float) – Minimum gap size, in seconds, for data to be considered contiguous.
  • overwrite (bool) – If True, overwite an existing output file.
  • retries (int) – Number of query retries to attempt before giving up.
  • skyrange (list) – RA and Dec extents, in degrees, that define the lengths of edges of a box on the sky, centered at skypos, that defines the sky region of interest.
  • stepsz (float) – The size of the time bins to use, in seconds.
  • trange (list) – Minimum and maximum time range to make images for, in GALEX time.
  • verbose (int) – Verbosity level, a value of 0 is minimum verbosity.
  • cntcoaddfile (str) – Name of the count coadd file to make.
  • intcoaddfile (str) – Name of the intensity coadd file to make.

Defines command line arguments.

Parameters:iam (str) – The name of the method being called.
Returns:argparse.ArgumentParser Namespace – The command-line arguments.